Basic Set-Up

Switching from an existing program or starting fresh

Basic Set-Up


Switching to Rippl Rewards from an existing program

First of all, thank you for trusting us with your loyalty program. We are excited to bring you a fresh, impact-oriented, and uniquely-engaging tool to delight your customers. Set-up is simple. If you’re coming from an existing program, you don’t need to fret about existing loyalty members losing their points; we’ll simply import them seamlessly into your new platform.

What’s Covered:

Export Customers from Previous Program

Import Customers Into rippl rewards

Export your rewards members through a CSV file from your current rewards platform. 

Your current program will have an option to export your data in a CSV file format. We’ll need your column headers to be “customer name,” “customer email” and “points.”

Import your customers into our system using a CSV file 

Once you install rippl rewards, we sync to your Shopify store and your existing customers. The key is to make sure we know how many points to start them off with! That’s why we need your csv file to properly allocate existing points to your loyalty members. Once your existing customer points are uploaded, you’re set to launch your new loyalty program!